Reduced Price Musical Instruments


These instruments have been taking up space in my shop for some time – some for years and they yearn to be in a new home. Some have cracks, some have indented soundboards, some have bowed body lengths and some have slanted hitch or tuning pins. The flaw is more obvious on some more than others, but every instrument tunes, plays and in every other way is just fine, except for the flaw. The price has been reduced on each instrument to reflect the degree of problem. However, each instrument still includes all the items listed on the main page of instruments ( instruction book, bow, case, etc.). Have fun browsing through this page and who knows, you might fall in love with one of the wayward children and adopt one. Because these children want and need a permanent home, all adoptions are final.


Soprano Bowed Psaltery

This whole bowed psaltery is constructed of deep rich brown BLACKWALNUT with a wheat soundhole

The sound is neither too bright nor too mellow. It has a balanced melodic tone

This sweet psaltery is not perfect however. She’s not terminal just a couple of surface blemishes on the soundboard. These fissures are visible and I could have covered them up with some wood “makeup” but I chose to let her remain au natural

There is also a small crack emanating from a tuning pin hole at the base of the instrument

None of these imperfections are disabling or crippling. It just means a good deal for you

Item# SOPBP983.....Reduced to $175

The sound board of this bowed psaltery is a totally clear piece of RED CEDAR with a dove sound hole

The back and sides are beautiful curly maple

The sound is crisp, clear and medium loud

The problem with this beauty is that a crack has developed from the tuning pins to about 2" above the tip of the dove sound hole

The crack is visible but does not affect the instrument in any way. If a visible crack doesn't bother you, then this is a good bargain

Item# SOPBP992R......Reduced to $175

The soundboard is a piece of rescued AMERICAN CHESTNUT from an elementary school that was demolished in the late 1970’s in Ashe County, NC

The sides and back are red oak

The sound is ethereal, melodic and warm

Cracks developed on the bottom right side that have been fixed and will not cause any problems

Item# SOPBP828.....Reduced to $175


Baritone Bowed Psaltery

baritone bowed psaltery 209 top
baritone bowed psaltery 209 back baritone bowed psaltery 209 back
baritone bowed psaltery 368 Top
baritone bowed psaltery 368 Back baritone bowed psaltery 368 Back

The soundboard of this baritone bowed psaltery is constructed with RED CEDAR

It has a unique butterfly sound hole

The back and sides are cherry

Sometimes when I drill the holes for the “desk” pins (the pins running along the side of the instrument), the top wood splits along the holes. It looks nasty but the split is only on the top wood – not the bottom wood which holds the tuning pins. Take a look at the image

Therefore, I am reducing this instrument $50 to $249.00

The sound is very balanced from top to bottom and has a pleasant warm sound

Item # BARBP209......$249

This baritone bowed psaltery has a BUTTERNUT soundboard with a Pennsylvania hex sign sound hole

There are a few small to tiny worm holes scattered around the top. They are not harmful, just interesting

The back and sides are ash. On the back is a long narrow crack running from the tail end up about 8 inches. It has been there for a couple of years, so I doubt that it will extend any further (see image)

Therefore I am reducing the price $50.00 to $249.00

The sound is medium loud, resonates well from top to bottom and is clean and lively

Item # BARBP368......$249


Hammered Piano Dulcimers

Hammered Dulcimer 446
Hammered Dulcimer 446 Back
Hammered Dulcimer 443
Hammered Dulcimer 443 Back

In order to get a piece of wood wide enough for a soundboard 2 boards have to be glued together to get the width. On this hammered dulcimer I didn’t do a good job of gluing and the seam of the 2 boards is not seamless and is visible. There is no structural damage and no harm to the instrument just a thin visible line that would be better if it wasn’t there. Because I do not like it I am willing to take $20.00 off the original price of $365.00 and sell it for the price of the laminated soundboard instruments which is $345.00. It’s my loss and your gain.

This soundboard of this hammered dulcimer is a unique piece of solid wood SPALTED POPLAR

There are 2 wide bands of reddish brown running across the entire top. The rest of the top is a creamy tan

The sides are maple and the back is Baltic birch

The soundholes are Celtic knots

The sound is clear, balanced and melodic

Item #HD446......Reduced to $345.00

Unfortunately a fine crack running across the soundboard developed after the instrument was built and finished. I fixed it as best as I could but it is still slightly visible (see photo). This crack is causing no problem structurally, just aesthetically because it is not perfect I am willing to reduce it from $365 to $325. This is a good instrument

The soundboard of this hammered dulcimer is made from solid wood WESTERN RED CEDAR

It has swirl sound holes

The sides are maple and the back is Baltic birch

The sound is very vibrant, resonates well with some overtones and sustain. It is also moderately loud

Item #HD443......$325.00